Saturday, November 3, 2012

Funny T-Shirts

Funny T-Shirts

     Howdy! I'm a T-Shirt Artist and Designer and Funny T-Shirts are my passion! I have such fond memories of getting ready for the first day of school and going shopping for Wranglers or Buckskin jeans, Converse High Tops and Peachee folders with my mother at Target. Of course at the top of "my" list was to buy cool, new t-shirts! The t-shirts of the 1970s were a reflection of the culture at the time. Some of the designs I can remember were the "Keep on Truckin'" designs, super rock groups like Boston, Peter Frampton, KC & The Sunshine band and of course anything with a skateboard or palm tree! The "ultimate" tee line, if you could find one before they were all sold out, were my personal hero Ed Roth's line of Rat Fink designs including his various AWESOME monsters, ghouls, etc. driving hot rods, muscle cars and vans with bubble windows! Now of course I'm in my forties and all of these designs are considered "vintage" so I guess I'm vintage too and proud to be so!

     I created my first tee design for a family reunion. Every Thanksgiving the family got to together and had a huge hockey tournament. Their mascot was of course a Tom turkey. So, I created a funny cartoon turkey dressed in a hockey uniform and holding a hockey stick. The design was a hit and I was hooked! That day I was destined to become a T-Shirt Artist. Most of my clients are referrals from other customers, but some clients also find me through my official website Art By Andy Nortnik or through my official clip art website 

     My specialty is retro and vintage style design and screen printers love the fact that I actually have a screen printing background and know what the terms "color separated", "bleed", "crop", "film positive" and so on actually mean! The t-shirt industry has changed by leaps and bounds over the past few years and with the introduction of dye sublimation and direct to garment printing through such companies as CafePress and Zazzle, it's a whole new world. "Old school" t-shirt guys like me have learned to embrace these new technologies rather than shun them. It's kind of like the old saying ... adapt or die!

     Ok, I'm going to stop running on and on and I'm going to try something fun here. I am going to post some of my funny t-shirts here in my forum and I am going to propose that YOU, THE READER choose the design that you feel reflects the most humorous side of me and will eventually take the most coveted T-Shirt Design Award ... "World's Funniest T-Shirt!"

     Feel free to not only vote, but post your thoughts, good or bad and really take some time to give some creative feedback. If you like one of my designs, I hope you'll consider buying it. Simply click on the art to get to my shopping cart page.

     Well, here we go. Thanks for letting me ramble ... IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO VOTE FOR


Thanks! Andy Nortnik
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World's Funniest T-Shirt #1

Funny T-Shirt

Here's the first funny t shirt for your consideration. I've been a Trekkie all my life and this is one of several designs I've created to honor what I feel was the most innovative and enjoyable scifi T.V. series of all time. If you're a fan of the series, the episode "The trouble with tribbles" probably ranks in your top 5 favorite episodes. To refresh your memory, Tribbles were a gift to the crew of the Enterprise by the trader Cyrano Jones after the crew lands on Sherman's Planet. Long story short, the Tribbles start reproducing like rabbits and the story unfolds. I don't think Gene Roddenberry had any idea at the time he created the series just what an effect he would have on literally generations of science fiction fans like me. If you feel this design get's your vote too, post a reply!

Funny T-Shirt #2 - More Cowbell T-Shirt

More Cowbell T-Shirt

Here's Funny T-Shirt Design #2 for your consideration. Inspired by the hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live starring Will Farrell as the cowbell player for Blue Oyster Cult whereas Christopher Walken insists on More Cowbell during the studio recording of BOC's hit "Don't Fear The Reaper".

Funny T-Shirt #3

Star Trek T-Shirts

For your consideration for World's Funniest T-Shirt, here's another design inspired by the cult scifi classic Star Trek starring William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk. As you know Captain Kirk was famous for thinking on his feet and this design celebrates that. If you're looking for a fun gift for a fellow Trekkie, this is it! Live long and prosper!

Funny T-Shirt #4

MacGyver T-Shirt

For fans of the 1990s hit show MacGyver, here's a fun one for you! MacGyver proved to us that ANYTHING could be fixed with some gum, tin foil and a little bit of duct tape! If you grew up on 90s T.V. shows, then cast you vote for World's Funniest T-Shirt #4!

Funny T-Shirt #5

Funny Kid T-Shirt

Here's one for the kids or "kids at heart" like me! If you're a fan of anything Retro or Vintage like me, here's vintage style tricycle with the caption "Future Tour De France Champion" for your consideration for "World's Funniest T-Shirt" design. I hope you like it!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Funny T-Shirt #6

Horror Movie T-Shirts

Next up, wake up all of you Norman Bates fans, it's my tribute shirt to the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, Psycho! Looks like this shirt got used in the famous bathroom sequence! If you like your classic horror movies in black and white (like me), then this design will probably get your vote for "World's Funniest T-Shirt".

If you like this shirt, I've devoted an entire tshirt line to my favorite horror movies. Check them out! Horror Movie T-Shirts. So, get to the voting booth quick before Norman's mother sees you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Funny T-Shirt #7

Unique Baby Gifts

Here's a onezee or infant body suit that I feel belongs on the World's Greatest T-Shirt list for your consideration, considering I also offer this in a tee. Pictured is a little red wagon with the phrase "That's How I Roll" and should appeal to my 5-year-old or younger fan base. Hah! If you like this design, get your mommy or your daddy to cast your vote for you and remember you must be at least 18 years or older to purchase this or to get Santa to bring you one! Hee Hee! To buy one of several infant, toddler and kid products, click the image above or go here:

Give me your thoughts on this design and leave a comment!